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About Loveality:
Loveality” is inhabiting your life as a love-based reality. It offers an expansive and welcoming approach to living and experiencing deeper love, connection and soulfulness. We can never be separated from love; it is our essence. Loveality is a means to live in that essence more fully.

In our busy, modern world it is easy to forget the truth of a heartfelt and heart-led life. We give more attention and credence to a mind-based orientation, so our experience in the world is intellectualized, ego-driven and fear-based.

Loveality means being fully present to a reality in which love is the foundation of human experience. The truth of self and soul is that we are loving, intrinsically valuable, divinely created and interconnected.

The Loveality material presents an innovative perspective on love, soul, connectedness, as well as pathways out of self-alienation and self-enslavement. Loveality also offers an awakening, a means to welcome and receive love and wonder in our daily living. Loveality invites you to say “Yes to Love!”

About Catherine:
Catherine Weissenberg created Loveality as an outgrowth of her unique ability to communicate and dialogue with God, deceased people and coma patients. These communications take the form of “Writings” Catherine dips into the stream of universal consciousness, and then creates and transforms that energy into prose. She has been sharing this gift with individuals and small groups for the past three decades.

The Writings, particularly the God Writings, are beautiful in their imagery and metaphors. Although intimate to the recipient, the Writings are often universally applicable to our self-growth, interpersonal relationships and life challenges.

When asked to explain her gift, Catherine says, “I believe God and those we love are always in our midst. There is a God and Love Stream that runs right next to all of us. I’m able to connect and transform this flow into words we can all understand. I also know this Love Stream is ever-present for all of us. I offer Loveality as a means to facilitate that connection.”

Catherine has worked with people across the globe. She is grateful for the opportunity to witness the transformation that love can have in helping people inhabit their lives with freedom, grace and gratitude. Catherine developed Loveality to bring the wisdom and transformative energy of the Writings to a broader audience.

Catherine is a wife and mother, living in the United States. She looks forward to sharing the message of Loveality throughout the world.