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 The Yes Paradigm™

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The Yes Paradigm is an invitation to inhabit your life with a “Yes.” Yes to Love! Yes to Life! Yes to Heart and Soul!

Say “Yes” to enriching experiences of connection, growth and transformation. The Yes Paradigm inspires and encourages you to approach your life with more love, authenticity, joy and freedom. Our paradigm is our preset way of thinking, perceiving and experiencing ourselves, others, and events. It profoundly influences how we construct and make sense of reality. Sometimes outside our conscious awareness, we quietly use fear, neediness, and self-protection to negatively assess our own lives. The Yes Paradigm shifts the focus to lovingly receive and embrace your truth and your intrinsic self. Inhabiting your life with a “Yes” activates a state of welcoming and extending yourself into greater fields of possibilities.

The Yes Paradigm celebrates your inherent perfection and connection with yourself, your heart and your soul. We are all created and meant for lives of more joy, freedom and connection within ourselves, with others and with the Divine. Discover and raise the voice within you: “Yes to Love! Yes to Life! Yes to Heart and Soul!”

The Yes Paradigm is not a curriculum for transformation or a road map to a preset destination. It recognizes the flow and synchronicity, the higher order of good always present in your life, despite the ups and downs. You are divinely held, wise beyond compare, and capable of far more than your mind can conceive. Becoming aware of the areas where you identify and align with self-imposed limitations and diminishing beliefs is the gateway to The Yes Paradigm. Welcome the “Yes” that already dwells in you, and open to receive more love and freedom.

These audios invite you to welcome and receive divinely inspired prose. Find a comfortable spot, quiet yourself, and listen with an openness and willingness for a heart-connecting experience.

Prose © 2016, Catherine A. Weissenberg.
All Rights Reserved.
Music © and ℗ 2016 Woody DeMarco.
All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.
The Yes Paradigm™